Home Warranty Protection

Home Warranty Protection

home warranty

I am a full serviced licensed Realtor with a large selection of homes for sale in Phenix City AL, Columbus GA, Harris County GA and Ft. Mitchell AL areas.

This article concerns the need for a “Home Warranty” when you buy a new or used home. This simple affordable policy, agrees to repair or replace selected repairs under normal conditions or use. You must read all the details of policy to understand all stated terms and conditions. These fine details will state “Limitations of Coverage”. All warranty companies in the greater Columbus GA require that you call in your claim to their toll free number. Additionally, many warranty companies require that you use their selected trade vendor. Other companies let you select a local company that you may know or trust.  Additionally, these policies still require that you pay an out of pocket “trade fee”, generally, $50-$100 deductibles. Some warranty companies have both, “buyer or seller” plans. Some have some policy upgrades as well. I generally recommend to all of my buyers and sellers to invest in such plans. Many seller’s, offer these plans as a buyer incentive. Special system options are available for pools, HVAC systems septic tanks, and water softener systems. Plans can generally be renewed year to year. These are great gifts for first time home buyers, families on a fixed income or house warming gifts.

These policies provide property owner’s that may own property out of state, peace of mind. This will minimize the risk of an unexpected high dollar expense. When you are ready to buy your next home in Columbus GA Ft Benning or Phenix City AL area, please contact “The Full Service Realtor”.

There are currently, 658 local Realtors in the Columbus-MLS. Like most any sales professional, 80% of all sales are performed by 20% of the sellers. I work “full time” not part time like so many of the Realtors. Only by being “fulltime” can one stay current to market trends, available inventory, building codes/trends. I have over 37 years sales experience in providing customer service to my customers and clients. My goal is to “exceed your expectations”, by “promising less and delivering more”.

Call Paul Tommey today at 762 822-6411 and see our large selection of new homes in Columbus GA, Phenix City AL, Ft. Mitchell AL and Harris County GA.

About housetohomerealestate

I’m a seasoned, experienced, service oriented full service realtor. I can represent you as a buyer’s agent, seller’s agent, or transaction agent. I Will Always: •Strive to exceed your expectations •Listen to your needs •Guide you through the design/build phase •Help you sort out the difference from needs, wants & wishes for your new home •Assist to market, sell, or rent your current home •Help you find/build your next dream home •Evaluate your distressed/underwater property
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